Fiberglass and resin recommendations


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My class is just about finished stripping our Wee Lassie. It's got a few rough spots but we are all learning as we go. It's time for me to think ahead to glassing. I'm looking for recommendations on fiberglass and resin suppliers, companies with good reputations, etc.
You may be interested in the post on this forum of this past Monday [the 4th] entitled "Mac McCarthy- over the bar". There may possibly be other posts regarding Mac and I know there is an article in WC about him but I don't know which one.
There are a variety of good vendors for epoxy and fiberglass/supplies.

If you are doing clearcoat finish on your canoe, West System's 105/207 combination is good as is System Three Clearcoat, MAS (Low Viscosity resin IIRC), and RAKA among others...

You'll need 4oz cloth for inside and out, - S or E-Glass (E is stronger, but S is more likely to be available and a bit cheaper)
I've had good luck with MAS low viscosity resin and slow hardner. Chesapeake Light Craft and Jamestown Distributers are both good suppliers.