fasteners- either/or-copper/brass


another little project
hey to all- iwas wondering which nail type is actually better copper or brass? I have been using copper cut tacks-they seem to work well. I am in the process of reclaiming a 6 board ( 3 to a side) and have found brass tasks-nicely tapered with a slightly rounded head-about 1" long. They are still holding well in the oak ribs and may be reusable? Is this a good idea? I have located a 1" copper box nail- has a smaller, round head or should i find some of the brass nails like the 'viking' has now. Builders/ restorers coments welcome - stay dry- Lee.^. ...:confused:
Contact WCHA member Jack Wagner. He should still have an add listed in the WCHA classifieds.
The nails he offers are the closest to the originals that you will find.

Good luck.
How about posting some pictures of your canoe? We would love to see it.

Hi Mark, thanks for the ref. to Jack Wagner - I'll try to get with him. I am still wondering which type of nail is better -copper or brass- or does it really make any difference? Was it just 'builders choice'? I attached some before pics- circa 1900 16' Canadian Canoe Co.- No real repairs have started yet as other things have been taking my time- besides the *&%%$$@#@ camera on/off switch is broke-again:mad: Lee.^.