Family Canoe

Jan Bloom

LOVES Wooden Canoes
My father at age 12.5 in the 18' OT HW on Lake Charlevoix, MI summer 1930.


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Yes, OT HW AA, 18' 1929, custom bronze paint from the factory with the gold stripe and leaf, 3 spruce paddles, floor, one back rest and 4 old kapoc cushions. All date to 1929. Recanvassed and different paint scheme in the mid to late 70's. Has a few leaks at this time that maybe a new paint job will cure. I thought to take it back to the original paint scheme.
Here is another picture from the same time, my father in the bow, my uncle in the stern, the little girl in the center is my aunt and the other two are friends of theirs. My father has told me that they made extensive camping trips on rivers all over Michigan. They would be gone for up to two weeks at a time. Their tent was a big tarp with some rope and what ever trees they could find. Dry food was rice, oatmeal, cornmeal etc. They did a lot of fishing and bought produce from farmers. Gramps first had a big REO Town Car, 7 passenger and then eventually a big Packard Town Car also 7 passenger. The canoe went on top and I am hoping that a picture of it on either the REO or the Packard can be found.


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