Two More OT S/N Requests

David Lewis

Curious about Wooden Canoes
177833-16. I am especially interested in this one because my father had it custom-ordered with some modifications that he says OT tried to talk him out of, most notably locating the center thwart several inches OFF center. This canoe has been rebuilt at least 3 times--got bashed up in rapids in Maine, in Texas, and general old age.

Thank you in advance.
Old Town's


OT #149356 was shipped on 6/10/1948 to the State of Maine Fish & Game as an 18' Guide in CS grade. It was built with western cedar planking, spruce gunwales, half ribs, keel and the original color was guide special green.

OT #177833 was shipped on 7/10/1967 to Austin, Texas as a 16' Guide with half ribs, keel and the original color was brown. Threre were also special request items noted like light weight options on the ribs and planking along with a mast seat and step.

The build records are attached for your review.

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Ric Altfather


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