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I just aquired a 1973 Faber 16' prospector. Does any one know where I can purchase new deck decals and/or a brochure for it? Thanks in advance.


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The Faber decal is the same as the logo on the Dragonfly canoe identification guide, only I think the green is a bit darker on the decal on Denis's boat. I believe Faber is still making snowshoes, and may have decals in stock. Otherwise, I'll post a picture tomorrow of the decal on Denis's Faber. I believe I've read posts in the past re having decals made from pictures.

A good sign making shop can make these on vinyl given a good enough original. You can print on water transfer paper for jet printers, but experiment first to see if the contrast and crispness of the image is acceptable.
It seems that I don't have the Faber decal picture in my computer, which means it's in Denis' computer (which presently is too bogged down in spyware to operate well), so I'll post that picture when we have access to it, or when I can get into the garage with the canoes and take another picture. Still several feet of snow blocking the garage door, but "it's supposed to warm up".