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On one side of my Mansfield I am working on, there is some rot and wood loss of the inwale where it meets the fiberglass hull - around the area of where the thwart attached. The rest of the inwale is in decent shape. I assume one option would be to replace the whole thing, another to replace a section.(which is difficult because on the this model there is yet another rail attached to the inside of the inwale - see picture) This inner rail is in great shape, but impossible to remove without damaging - so, I'd like to know if another option would be to use an Epoxy Resin w/Filler mix and just fill in the bad area. If I did this right, would it hold the thwart or yoke when reattached? If so, what kind of filler should I use? or what would you al do in this case?


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I'll use epoxy when there is simply no other practical way to do a repair otherwise. I "think" I understand your problem and might I suggest a dutchman? If you can cleanly chisel out the bad wood and fit a new piece of wood to precisely fit, with epoxy, I think you will have a stronger, more pleasing repair that just epoxy filler.
Thanks. I may try that. If I do go with an epoxy filler - I would be using West System - would that be strong enough to drill and reattach the thwart? If so, which filler would you use?

Another thought I had was to attach another piece of wood, above the area on top of the rail for strength, and use that for attaching the thwart or yoke.
Yes? No?
I think if you mix some wood flour for color and microfibers for strength you would have a good mix. WS 403 or 404 should work fine. If this fails, then you could add the block, but I'd try it without first.