Andy M

Curious about Wooden Canoes
2 questions

1) What epoxy do you use for refurbishing rib ends, tack holes and the like? I have used West System for other things.

2) When creating epoxy paste to fill in small hiddne areas what do you use for a filler? Wood flour?

Thanks in advance

1) I use what is left over from other projects, preferably low viscosity. I coat the raw wood with straight mixed epoxy first, and then put the wood flour filled "puddy" on. FWIW, my resin preferences are low viscosity and non-blushing, so the brands I've used are System 3, MAS, RAKA and 1 other a can't remember at this time. I've never tried West.

2) Yes, either the purchased stuff or collect it from your sawdust pile (but take only the very fine dust)

If your power sander has a dust collection bag, the contents make a pretty good wood flour. Probably some sandpaper grit mixed in with, though.