It looks a lot like the one Walter Walker is working on in the picture on page 6 of this months issue of Wooden Canoe. Same style decks anyway.
That's close to me if anyone needs a person to check it out more closely.

I'm a noob to these wooden canoes, so not sure I'd know what to look for but I've got a good digital camera.
Well, I am the lucky winning bidder. It went for more than I had hoped, but I have been wanting a orig. courting canoe for years now. Now all I have to do is get it out to Nevada!


Looks like a nice canoe-- glad it found a good home! Hope you can show it off at assembly sometime!
So who made it anyway?

Now that the sale is over, anyone have a good guess who really made it and when?

Wooden Canoe Issues

Several of last year's issues of Wooden Canoe contain articles on the Charles River builders and maybe you can narrow it down.

Share the details here... curious minds yearn to learn!