ebay xmas ideas

I personally never consider art under a $million to be worth it. I might bid on it as a grab bag or "secret santa" gift for the office party.:D
I found myself wondering how many interesting wooden canoes you could buy for $300,000. Then the problem would be finding enough space to store them all properly.

For $300,000 I could build a nice barn AND put some nice canoes inside it... and probably have money left to spend on some cool canoe ephemera to decorate the walls!
That 1st one was art??

Hmmm, I must not be appreciative enough of art, that looks like a kids color crayon drawing, I wouldn't give anything for it.

For Mike Cav

Hey, good news, it was worth it
check out the closing and the number of bids. I'm getting out the old house paint and leafblower, time to make some art.