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Interesting early E.M. White canoe for sale on Ebay. Item #200117401772 Too bad it's located in Denver. But for you members west of the Mississippi it might be of more interset.

Jim C.
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People can be confused by the Old Town name on a White canoe's medallion, unaware that it's the name of the town of manufacture and not the name of the builder.

Denis and I just returned from a trip to New York to pick up a Gerrish we found on eBay. The seller would have been happier if it had been an Old Town instead of just some old canoe nobody has heard of... but for me, it was like discovering the Holy Grail. Reminds me of what Benson says in these Forums, under "How much is my old wooden canoe worth":

"Name recognition can mean everything. I've seen run-of-the-mill Old Town canoes in the Midwest bring $2000, while a pristine Gerrish brings $500 because no one knows the name."
E. M. White

We were the "lucky" winners of this canoe and just got back from a weekend run to Denver to pick it up. Any ideas on how to date this canoe? We are very intrigued by the slender thwarts and the generally slight but sturdy overall construction. There are wide brass stem bands on the bow and stern but we don't know if these are original. Any help with dating would be appreciated. It does have the E.M.White bow plate with the Water Street address. Thanks!

It's a happy ending to an eBay canoe auction when a WCHA member "wins". I know nothing, but your canoe certainly "feels old"... and is simply beautiful.

I knew for certain I was "hooked" when it no longer mattered where a canoe was located, as long as I could get to it via automobile. Something about the vessel stirs the heart... and the head pays little attention to how many states have to be crossed in order to reach the prize. But my guess is your new canoe will pay you back, for having rescued it... in ways you have yet to imagine.

Thanks for posting about it... I look forward to learning about it too. I posted the pictures from the eBay listing to remind everyone about this canoe.



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The steam-bent stern seat is an early feature, and was probably used from the beginning in 1889 through the mid-teens (it is the only style shown in the 1915 and earlier catalogs; the square pattern seat appears by the 1919 catalog.) The closed gunwales also suggest a pre-1920 date - White charged extra for open gunwales through 1923, then dropped closed gunwales from the catalog

The stem bands are almost certainly original - they are a "trademark" White feature, and can in fact be consider an identifying feature.
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Thanks for all the additional information. We are so pleased to have found this canoe. Kathy, you are right, it can be a very emotional response leaving one to wonder how far is too far and how many are too many when it comes to these old beauties. It is a great feeling to "rescue" one and always an adventure to paddle a piece of history. John and Dorothy

I was the other bidder but am glad you won, I wasn't looking forward to a drive to Denver. :)

Please keep us posted on your rebuild progress, would love to see pics of it coming back to life. It looks like a great canoe.

Thanks, Dan. We had the added incentive for a trip to Denver with a brother out there and a nephew returning from the military. All in all it was a great although brief trip. Transporting two canoes on top of the car across the plains is a real treat with the wind and the big rigs. We used about every strap we had but made it home just fine. The White has probably moved to the top of the queue for restoration projects. So many canoes, so little time and our jobs keep getting in the way!