EBay and Paypal scams

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
If you have bid on any Ebay item and don't win the bid, be very careful of 2nd chance offers. It seem that at least one scammer is offering a 2nd chance offer, extremely well packaged to look like it's from the seller through Ebay. The only difference is a different email address.
Also, if you use Paypal,be very careful because a scam is asking for your Paypal info and indicates that if you don't submit the info by today's date your account will be invalid.This email is sent very shortly after Paypal is used which makes it almost believable.
I've never bid on e-bay and still get those

I registered years ago and after watching a couple of auctions decided that on my antique dial up connection I'd never be successful with all of the last minute activity. I get at least 2 e-bay ralated e-mails a week wanting some kind of information that isn't anyones business. I just routinely blow them away unopened now. Since they are scammers there isn't any way to get off their list.
ebay scam

I bid on a canoe in May, but was outbid in the last hours. 10 days later I received a 2nd Chance Offer that looked very legitimate, with ebay logos and links to ebay functions, but from a yahoo address. I forwarded the e-mail offer to ebay's customer service who specializes in "spoof" mails, who confirmed that the e-mail offer did not come through ebay. Even after 4 attempts to answer my question, however, they are not able to explain how a spoofer knew not only my last bid (public info) but also my e-mail address ("protected" info) in order to construct the direct e-mail offer.
I, too recieved those second chance offer spoof emails after being outbid on two different canoes in the last two weeks. Yesterday I recieved the spoof Pay Pal message you spoke of. I now forward all that crap to spoof@ebay.com. If you're ever in question about these mailings, open a new browser and go directly to your eBay or Pay Pal account; if they have sent you any important emails they will be listed there, in your account information. Good luck and be careful what you open