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Grandpa, my son, a friend and his boys and I, took our annual trip to the North Maine Woods a couple of weeks ago. The paddling and the swimming weren't great this year. It was a good year for leeches though! Well, we ended up spending more time in camp and experimented with a lot of cooking. We hit the raspberry crop at its peak and stole what we could before the bears and birds got to them. We also broke in a couple of dutch ovens and had the reflector ovens generating cookies. All in all, we all gained weight I am sure.

Here are some photos of chicken "surprise", wild raspberry cobbler and assorted other dishes.

Bon Appetite!!


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I like that tripod set up. I'm guessing you slide the pieces up and down to regulate the cook temp, right? Looks like a great setup for eggs, as well as pancakes, sausage, bacon, even grilled cheese. I think I'd pass on the leeches though. Where'd you get that?

That's a Slik Vik

The griddle belongs to my buddy. They are called a "Slik Vik" and are made up in Lewiston, Maine or thereabouts. It is very handy. We do most of the trip cooking on it and feed a bunch of youngsters. We've taken it on canoe trips that don't require portaging though. It weighs more than 100 lbs.

You are right. The griddle slides up and down on the tripod legs.

Here is the link to their website for more information.

Another note. The reflector over in the photograph has also been modified to include a piece of threaded rod beneath the shelf. This keeps those folding units from collapsing!!!
The food looks good, I'm getting hungry. :)

Now a canoe trip without portaging?? I didn't know that existed.
A 100 lbs for a griddle, that's almost twice what the whole food pack plus equipment weights. Good eat'in thou.

Well, I know traditionalists are fond of reflector ovens, but for foolproof "baking" you can't beat a Bakepacker
Good Day. I am impressed. When I go out with my canoe for a week, i take a lot of equipment and food. But this is really something. You must enjoy a lot. Maybe I should talk to the guys so we improve our way of doing it. We still have a few good weeks to go canoeing. Let us enjoy. Bye for now. Sandpiper