durability of #10 canvas compared to #8


Chest Nut
Is there a big difference in durability between the two different weights (10 or 8) of canvas?
The canoe i'll be working on is a 16' Ogilvy and it will be used in fast moving, shallow rocky rivers. Will #10 canvas hold up to some abuse or would it be best to move to the heavier #8 (or #6 i guess).

The end weight of the canoe itself is not a factor that concerns me.

No. 6

Hi Jamie:

I can't answer your question on relative durability. I've never had a rip in any canvas, but I have had a few punctures in No. 8 and No. 10.

The Norumbega Chapter just put No. 6 on a 16 ft Ogilvy as kind of an experiment and learning experience. It probably had No. 6 on it originally too. The heavy canvas was a bit more of a bear than usual. There was a distinct pucker in the bottom of the bilge at each end that was a bit difficult to work out. We seemed to have decided that the shape of the Ogilvy may have been partly to blame. It is very "cheeky" fore and after of the middle and goes quickly to the fine entry at the stem. After some tugging working toward each end, the canvas went on fine.

Let us know what you decide.
8 is enough....

Thanks Fitz.

I think i'll go with the #8, but i'll have to order it in.

I was thinking on the #10 only because I have some and it's easier to use what you've already paid for than to cut a check for additional materials.