Latest thoughts about modern vs. traditional filler durability??


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi All,

I'm making my way toward the point of being ready to canvas and fill my '66 OTCA (almost ready to varnish, if the weather will cooperate). I've been planning on using the Ekofill/latex&spackle filling process--to save time mostly, but a little weight savings sounds good too. After all the time and work that goes into any restoration project, I don't know how easily I'll get up the nerve to use the boat on anything except peaceful lakes. However; I live in western North Carolina and we have lots of nice rivers to paddle here--invariably, they all have (at the very least) some shoals or mild whitewater sections, hence my reservations about beating up my freshly beautified canoe:eek:. So, I'm just wondering what are folks' latest thoughts about the hardness and durability of Ekofill on canvass vs. more traditional fillers? Any thoughts or experiences sure would be appreciated.

You might want to check the current post in this section called micro-balloon paint. Also worth looking at is this older thread

I know it's hard to send a canoe you spent a ton of time working on through a rock garden, but I encourage you to finish the canoe for durability and then go for it. What's the point of having a boat that's great to paddle if you're afraid to take it where you want? Plus, you have the skills you need to fix it up if things get ugly!
I'm sticking to the traditional filler nowadays. I've had serious cracking issues in modern materials that can't handle the cold winters that we get here. I haven't tried all of the material options, but enough to not be able to afford failures. Customers don't like it much...