Dry Time For Linseed Oil On Exterior


Wooden Canoe Maniac
Just slapped on some thinned linseed oil on the exterior of my latest canoe. I believe 2 weeks is the recommended drying time. I'm wondering... do I need to wait for it to dry before I canvas & mud? That is, if I canvas and mud immediately will the filled canvas take longer to dry because it's lying next to the 'wet' planking? Well, I suppose it'd be the inside surface of the filled canvas would take longer to dry - maybe the outside surface won't know the difference. Or maybe the whole thing would just take 2 weeks longer to dry - in which case I might as well mud now!
Or the canvas may stick to the planking when the linseed oil drys.
As many have said, "linseed is food for mold", or something to that effect. I wouldn't want that on my canvas.
I have applied thinned linseed oil to the exterior, let it soak in for a half and hour or so and then canvassed with no ill effects noted. Recent google searches finds some research that suggests that it may not be food for mold after all and may inhibit mold, but who knows.

I once made the mistake of using linseed oil on the pick pole I use for poling....it turned black. I also used it on some outside rails with the same result.
On the outside of the hull I apply a heated blend of linseed oil, turpentine and mineral spirits. It "sets up" pretty quickly. The first application soaks in pretty well. If you apply more over the first application it does not absorb as well.
I use 50/50 linseed oil/mineral spirts on the outside with a packet of the mildewcide sold for paint mixed in.
I also add it to filler.
I use 50/50 tung/mineral spirts on the inside.