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I hope my PM was some help. Attached are pics of the Double Gunnel you might find interesting. First is the original seat spacers, a great touch. The next is the repair on the damaged holes on the thwarts. We hope to bring it to the next Assembly. Good luck on your project, they are really eyecatching & a fun ride.


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Craig Johnson

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Hi Dave.
Thanks for the info. here are a few photos of work in progress. I want to use the spiral seat hangers like on yours but was unable to find anywhere to buy except by the 100s of feet so I tried to carve my own but am not satisfied yet. Maybe someone out there can help me with a source. I am trying to save my inwales. the outwales are good but inwales need tips spliced on and all the bolt holes are badly wobbed out. I an drilling them out oversized, then plugging them, then will re-drill, countersink, bolt and then plug. Wont know how it looks till done but wanted to save as much original as possible. I also showed a repair I had to make to one thwart, it had 2 holes rotted and broke out plus I wanted to stabilize the split running lengthways. It barely shows when mounted under gunwale. Thanks for the inspiration.
Here is what I am looking for but 1' will do.


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