Detroit Boat Company info

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
I'm looking for any information on a 18' circa 1905 Detroit Boat Company motorized launch. The 1911 Detroit catalog in the WCHA files doesn't include any launches, just canoes. I'd be willing to buy a catalog, or trade a Brooks 1906 catalog for one. I'd even throw in a COPY of a 1905 Truscottt catalog. I purchased this launch probably 6 months ago with the understanding that it was a 1904 Truscott. It didn't match any thing in the Truscott catalog, so I figured that it might be a Brooks. It was quite similar, but not exact. I finally brought it home Saturday after the South Haven Boat Show and removed all the wooden pieces thrown in the bottom. Unbelievably, I found a wooden piece with a brass name tag, so a Detroit Boat Company launch it is.