Current Wooden Canoe

Mark Adams

all wood nut
Is anyone else still waiting for the current issue of WC? I usually have mine by now, but as of today, it is still a no-show.
I got mine last week. And delivery to Canada is usually a week later than the contiguous US.
looking into it

I don't have mine either and we are looking into the situation and options to improve delivery. Hope it is just a few of us that have not received it yet.
I received mine a couple of days ago. It was definitely late though, and there was no gosh danged political mail to slow it down this time!
Mine arrived yesterday, also date stamped April 19th, courtesy of Canada Post. That makes 10 days for Canada Post to get it from the point of border entry (usually the 'Gateway' plant in Mississauga, ON) to my local town, a total of 150 miles. That's moving it at a rate of 15 miles per day!