Antique Boat Show report

Dan Miller

cranky canoeist
Staff member
Well, my eyesight is finally returning to normal after a weekend spent alongside what seemed like acres of highly polished varnish on mahogany... The WCHA banner was flown at the Antique Boat Show at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY this past weekend. Dave McDaniel and myself tended the booth for the most part, and visited with a number of current members, and several who promised to rejoin.

Dave's 1903 (or earlier) Racine Indian Paddler took Best in Class for Historic (pre-1919) canoes, and even better, was awarded Best of Show for Small Craft for his circa 1890s E.H. Gerrish. I think he was surprised by his success, but in my opinion it was well deserved! T'was also interesting to gain some insight into the judging process as done by the ACBS judges.

A great weekend, but now its back to the grind...