Crooked Knife Availability


Wood Girl #1186
After the Auction, several people asked if I could make a crooked knife for them. Yes, I do make them and they are beautiful and practical. (1,000 uses?) Each knife is made to to fit your hand. I make them when I get time to do it as they are a lot of work and they are also not free. If you are a person who wanted one, I will need to have an outline of your hand mailed to me. You can leave me a private message through the member list (Splinter, wood girl) and we can discuss your wood, onlays, size, leather, etc. Once agreed upon, I will give you the address to send your hand outline and money. If you want to purchase one for a gift or WCHA Chapter auction item, please talk to me so I can make something suitable. Thanks, too, to Dave McDaniel for his winning bid of $85.00 for the one I made to benefit WCHA's Auction. Great Auction! Great Success! Thanks to all for the most successful auction ever.