"Crazy Beaver Attacks Canoe"

This sounds like a long, flat tale of a story.
Where are the pics? especially right after the attack?

I was paddling the Hayes River in Manitoba years ago. We were in a very nice camp that was used as a hunting/trapping camp by the Cree. All night we heard the tail slapping and knew this was a hangout for a beaver family. The next morning I wandered out of the tent and went down to the beach to check the canoe, which I pulled high on the land the night before, not wanting the beavers to chew up the wood thwarts and seats. I stashed the paddles leaning against the tent for the same reason.

Next to the canoe was a pile of mud, a large pile which the beavers left to express their territory, I assume. But no damage anywhere.

It is a good story but I think it is just a story.


but if the beaver was truly clinically crazy, well then it would not act naturally as would an anxious or depressed beaver. One would expect a mentally ill beaver to not act rationally. So, I believe the story. If only we could resolve our health care crisis we could successfully treat the crazy beavers ot the world. And thusly save the canoe. Sorry, I failed to take into account the nationality of the beavers. Which could also explain the poor mental health care of beavers.
Think the Beav was off his meds?
Must be a Beaver of the US as if off his meds, he couldn't afford them.