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Denis M. Kallery

Passed Away July 3, 2012
In Memoriam
In case anyone is interested in the 16 foot O.T. sponsoned HW located in Marquette. Kathy and I checked it out yesterday. Took photos etc. Be happy to pass on evaluation should that help. We are not getting it and have no part in the sale.
We'd also be able to pick up and hold this canoe for a WCHA member and/or transport to the Assembly. Sellers are moving to Florida.

To add to this. We will be taking an empty four place trailer out East so if you have a canoe that needs to go that direction let us know. Coming back loaded though. :D
Empty trailer

Oh, Boy !! I miss those empty trailer sojourns, especially the return-to-home with the prizes.
I look forward to seeing you two at the Assembly. Drive safely. Dave