cracks in hull paint


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Hello; my w/c canoe was re-canvassed 6 yrs. ago. It was painted with automotive paint--PPG Centari-- which is a 2-part catalyzed paint. The canoe was only in the water a short while after finishing it 6 yrs. ago. Since then it has not been used and has been stored in a covered, dry shed. I took it out the other day and noticed hairline cracks running thru the paint. There only a few and are spread out. Are these from cold weather or from drying out? The canvas/filler seems to be intact and not loose. Is this serious and what should I do about filling the cracks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thx...
2 part car paint

2 part car paint, PPG and the like, arent meant to go over canvas. The problem is that the hull expands and contracts so much that the paint cant move with it. I assume its an acrylic urethane like DCC. I work as a modelmaker in the automotive industry and have used urethanes quite a bit, most are hard and stiff, they chip pretty easily too. Not what you want to hear, I know. To be honest, I would try to sand it down as far as possible, then use a good enamel boat paint like Kirbys.:( The only thing you could have done from the start was put a flexative agent in the paint.
urethane paint

Thanks Chris; I should have done more research regarding choice of paint. Probably the main factors with choosing the urethane was that I got it for free and that I'd heard it was tough and durable. I'll search the threads regarding 'sanding down old paint'.