Controversial Model Canoe


This four foot model canoe has stirred controversy since it was first listed on eBay. It was insinuated to be an Old Town by ownership association. Offered for sale then withdrawn because the bidding was not as high as desired. Re-offered with a jacked up minimum by the seller. Bid high to meet the minimum bid then the bids withdrawn. The listing expired for failure to meet the minimum. Finally sold outside of eBay.

Model experts have judged it not to be Old Town because of the outside stem and other details. It unquestionably was built by someone who was very familiar with Old Town construction. Old Town or not it has a beautiful shape.

Restoration included replacement of about 3" of outwale. Several small inlays to damaged places in the outwale. Cleaned out mouse nest and smoothed over mouse teeth marks in several ribs. It had been stripped and re-painted badly in the past. Repainted with dark blue on one side and bright yellow on the other. The missing stem bands were replaced with copper bands with a rounded profile. To the interior and all wood trim one coat of flat varnish was applied. Finally it received a pinstripe with an oak leaf in veri-colored faux gold leaf. With changing light it is striking.

Many thanks to those WCHA members who offered help and advice for the restoration.



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This little canoe obviously found a deserving home--- and what a treasure it turned out to be! Congratulations, RC!

R C:

I'm absolutely delighted to see that you have revealed to the World the results of your restoration handiwork. A superb job in reclaiming a most intriguing model that had fallen on hard times. Thanks for showing.

I know there are one or two other WCHA members out there who have been busy in recent months on other restorations. Perhaps we'll get to see a few more photos .....
This looks outstanding. I suspect that you would get a much better response if you put it back on eBay now.