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Does anyone out there have a photo of a Kennebec with 20" decks? I am finishing up painting my 1939 but it is missing the coaming and rail caps so a photo or dimensions of that in particular would be very helpful. I can not tell, from the shadows on the inwales if they end at exactly the same point. The thickness, height, and how the coaming tapers towards the ends would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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I no longer own this canoe so meaurements are out of the question. Here is a photo of the stern end of a Kennebec 3A DeLuxe.


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Thanks guys
Interesting that that boat has a regular short deck under the framing for the long deck.
These might help, do not know how much is original. The last two are images I pulled from this forum when I was working on the canoe. I no longer have access to the canoe.


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Thanks, each one helps a little more. Those decks are all longer than mine although the coaming is probably the same but they don't have separate short rail caps that are missing on mine. It is pretty clear from the shadow where the rail caps end and it looks like there is one more screw hole in the inwale past that which I assume is the last one in the end of the coaming.A picture would sure be worth a thousand words. The first two are the one I an working on and last is rail caps on my 1927 Kennebec but with short decks.Thanks again.


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short deck Kennebec

Here is a link to a "canoe photo index" entry showing a Kennebec Katahdin model A-- which also has a link to a video of the same canoe. Dave McDaniel restored this canoe and said another member has the same canoe in the B model, which would have long decks, but I can't recall who that was... probably someone in the Michigan Chapter.
Thanks Benson.
I have been going back through the catalogs and the model B, which had 20" mahogany decks with coaming, didn't appear until 1927. Before that there were A, 2A, and 3A but none had 20" decks with coaming. There are no photos of that deck in the 1927 through 1940 catalogs. Maybe they weren't that common seeing as it was a whopping $10.00 extra for the upgrade. I'll just put together my best guess and then we'll have a picture of that for the files. Thanks again to all.