closed gunwales/coaming


Michael Sturdevant
Some may remember my post of a couple months ago about an OT XX model. I have stripped the glass and found a green keel, thus reinforcing that it is the proper canoe for the record. However I have searched high and low for an example of any canoe with closed gunwales and coaming. Is there such an animal? And if so, how do they marry? Wouldn't the deck have to be flush with the railcap for the coaming to serve a purpose? I've heard that no question is a stupid question. Thanks for any info and picture would be great. Michael
ps: Have put away the canoe for the winter. Will post progress when I get started in the spring.
Glad it's looking more and more like we found the right record.

Your canoe is more like a closed-gunwale Otca than anything else, so someone with such a canoe would be the best source for details.

There are many canoes with long decks and closed gunwales--- just about every long-deck Morris, for instance.

I'll attach a couple pictures, but I don't have any of a closed wale Otca and that would be the one to shoot for.



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