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I have been looking for a replacement Clement Paddle sticker to no avail. So I've been working on creating a new one in photoshop and I'm getting fairly close to completing the artwork. My question is, if I have 100 printed (really the only logical minimum order considering the pricing for such things) is there anyone else interested in getting (buying) them? I can make them available to the WCHA store or just sell them directly ... (not sure the forum will let me do that). I figure if I sell half of them I'd be doing well which would bring the price to something like $3 plus S&H each. Is anyone interested? And if so, is anyone interested in being my sounding board for final draft of the logo? It will be close but I am unable to find the correct font for "Clement" thus that will be hand done and will never be perfect ... but it will be close. Any takers on proofing? These would be vinyl waterproof stickers of course. Thanks!

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Apparently no one else is interested in Clement paddle stickers. No worries. Art work is completed and I'm working on a way to only have a few printed.

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I'm sorry, I just saw this post for the first time. I'd be interested in 3 of them if that is possible. Thanks, Paul Kearney.
I'm working on printing options. It's low priority right now (work and family are in front) but will let you know what I come up with. I think in the long run a few more folks will want them. Cheers, jim