clear cedar?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am in northwest ohio and seem to no longer have a source for clear cedar, if someone knows of where I can purchase it , Please!!!
Clear cedar is available, though not plentiful, in Maine. It is generally available in 8' lengths and variable in widths and thicknesses. While it generally runs about $2.50to $3.00 per board foot, the problem is shipping to Ohio. Six boards, 1 1/2" X 6" X 8' would cost about $40 per bundle by UPS. In larger quantities, it would be more economical to ship by common carrier. While I am not connected with any mills, I am familiar with them, and would be glad to help you out if it's something that might interest you.
Woodchuck said:
Where in NW Ohio? I use an excellent source for WRC S4S up to 20' and they are located in Ann Arbor, MI. Fingerle Lumber is their name and is thier url or phone 800-365-0700.

tHANKS Woodchuck! I'm 22 miles below Adrian, so it is only a jaunt to get there. Nothing of significant size available in toledo area. Fingerle is on my list to contact, only much sooner now, the stem bands await planking.
clear cedar

TBurger, I'm located in central Ohio, 30 miles S.W. of Columbus. Thanks to some of the guys on this forum and doing a whole lot of searching I've found a couple of mills that will supply and not that far from us. E-mail me and I will share what I've found.

Reddog, I need a valid e address or so my sever says, anxious to hear what you have for info , I may be able to give you some useful help if wanted.
"Good Cedar"


You are so right! Good wood is hard to find, especially in the Great Lakes area. Since there have been several responses from this area, I would be receptive to forming a co-op to purchase a resonable supply for best price and quality with the others. We could dropship to a central place and pick-up respectively...I'm game, there is strength in numbers, right? Anyone else up for it?


The mills I have found have been for White cedar. The price for shipping from a mill in Mich. to my area for 200 bdft. was $171.82. Now, this price is three weeks old.

I'm a little hesitant to buy sight unseen. I think a trip up there in Sept. or Oct.
might be worth while.

The prices i have quoted from the mill range from $1.50 to $3.00 bdft. all clear rough sawn air dried mostly flat sawn. Some lengths to 10' but the norm is 8'.

If you think we could buy enough to get a price break, I would be interested.

This is my first attempt in building one, so I'm not sure how much I would be interested in beyound enough for one canoe and all the mistakes I'm sure I'll make.
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Reddog take note of one of the previous threads here, check out fingerle lumber in Ann Arbor, it is red cedar which works quite well in planking. It may be worth your while to make time to visit them, the price you are looking at for shipping small pieces of white cedar will nearly pay for your planking needs. The class of their cedar is clear and the lengths are every bit as long as you may need, I hope to purchase wood this wed. after work
Gil you are so right that if you can't see it, the qualities could have all the makings of junk. I made the trip to Fingerle Lumber tonight and made my way through two stacks of 15' by 6" before having it my way,but did find the 30 board feet I need. Anyone new to the strippers art should be well versed in what is needed to do a nice job of planking.
I'm appearently lucky that there is a local contractor lumber yard that carries in stock both Aye grade western red cedar (to 20ft) and "D" grade (to 16ft). (They also carry clear redwood to 20 ft.)

Aye is basically clear with tight straight grain, "D" is usually flat sawn and has a few knotts, usually small and tight.

Seems like with a few (bunch) of phone calls to lumber yards, one could determine if there is any nice cader available close by or not. Don't waste time with the home centers (Menards, Home Depot, Lowes) you won't find any good (canoe) wood there. You can barely find wood suitable for home project much less canoe work.