Chestnut Serial Numbers!

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Hi all;
I have two Chestnut canoes done.....16 and an 18 OGL....and am curious to find a way to date them!.

Serial # for 16 is - 16 016240

Serial # for 18 is - 18 75065

Can anyone forward me a verifiable date of construction or delivery of one they have along with the serial number...Not interested in who delivered to, color, type wood, or any of that data.....Just tryin to date mine....thanks


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As I understand it, there is no way of dating Chestnut canoes at all. All the records were lost when the factory closed. Perhaps Dick Persson will chime in. He seems to be the resident canadian canoe expert!

Thanks mark.....I was hoping that someone out there had some kind of document showing their serial # and the date it was made or delivered...Wishful thinking I guess
We have the same hope for the Morris/ Veazie data base. We have one receipt for canoe number 1876, dated June 1 ,1903 and signed by Bert (we assume he really signed it). So anyone out there that might add to this knowledge it would be appreciated if you would contact either Kathryn Klos or myself.
Thanks, Denis :)