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Curious about Wooden Canoes

I have a Chestnut, serial number 73236, I beleive (it is not perfectly legible). It is 15', rather light with 1.5" ribs, and the original decks are maple. Can anyone give me any information about its age and model? Thanks.


Try this site, the serial numbers of the Chestnuts had no relation to model, year or dimension as far as any one here can confirm. Check your measurements, post the width O/S gunwales, length, depth at bow and stern and check against the model and you may connect. Best however, post pic's and let the folks here provide feedback.

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Like Ric says, you can't tell anything from a Chestnut serial number unless you have a sales record or something.

A 15' canoe with narrow ribs is most likely to be a Chum/Doe built between the late 1950's and 1978.
Thanks, guys. I agree, the measurements seem to indicate Doe or Chum, and when I ran that by the previous owner, Doe seemed to ring a bell, so I guess that is what I will call it. Any idea what the difference between a Doe and a Chum is? Their measurements seemed to be identical, at least for some years.


I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes. I now see that it was on your websight that I got the information I have, and have gone back and looked closer. If I follow, the boats had different dimensions before 1967, and the same after. Though I imagine they were not identical boats. I imagine if I bought your CD-rom I could figure all this out on my own...

I will take measurements tomorrow to see if, well, just to see.

Always take Chestnut's catalog specs with a grain of salt. There are known errors (for example, I've never measured a 14' pleasure model that was more than 30" though the catalog specifies 32").

The Chum and Doe will have been built on the same molds, the main difference is the width of the ribs. Other specs (e.g. seat style) may differ between the two, and even from year to year. You can glean much of this from the old catalogs.

Keep in mind also that they may have had multiple molds for a given model, and that Canadian Canoe Co. and Peterborough Canoe Co had molds for these models as well. There may be subtle differences in the molds, though the design is essentially the same.