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Does anyone know of a source for the original colors used by the Chestnut Canoe Co?

Thank you in advance.

Kirby Paint

I don't know of anyone that handle specific Chestnut paint but Kirby's can match any thing you want. I have no connection with them other than being a customer and their service is excellent!

Thry their site:

Hi Frank;
Just out of curiosity!....What was the color of your chestnut when you got it. I am going to be canvassing and painting mine as soon as the spring heat arrives and mine was the original red that had faded to an orange color. If I am not mistaken, someone in Canada, a while ago, sent a reply to my question about original colors...Must be someone out there that can jump in. Hope so!...I dont think I want a red canoe so would love to have some idea of their original colors.
This may be of some help for anyone trying to get an "authentic" Chestnut green.

Its a can of paint prepareded specifically for the Chestnut Canoe co. So, its the actual paint that was used. Once I get further into this current project, a new canoe that is to have this colour, I can post the colour formula. This canoe is for a client that had this can of paint, its his can and he'll probably want it back.

I thought that I could post the images right now, but I'm running out of time and I have to reduce the file size! I'll get it up later. Sorry.
OK, here are the photos. The second photo has a sheet of white paper that the desperate can use to reference off of.


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I have an original quart can of Chestnut grey paint. The label reads CHESTNUT MARINE EQUIPTMENT PAINT, the Chestnut Canoe Company, New Brunswick, Canada. The color [ which they call grey ] is actually a pea soup green. If this is the color you are looking for you can have it mixed at a General Paint store. It is code # 327-6A in marine enamel. For other Chestnut colors here in Canada try Tremclad high gloss enamel in "FIRE RED" or "GREEN" right off the shelf. They match Chestnut colors. Hope this helps.
Will pick a nice red

After mulling over your kind replies, I may just pick a nice, warm red from one of the sources suggested -- i.e., Kirby's "Rich Red". I have a few older Chestnut catalogues up at the cabin that may have a hue of red that I can match. This is a new canoe, off my reproduced Chestnut Pal form, so my attempts at matching any original color may be just purely for fun.

Again, thank you all.