Chesapeake log canoe project questions???

Poquoson log canoe

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I have built several boats but no canoes. Through the years I have done the: traditional plank on frame, ply on frame, skin on frame and one stitch-n-glue.
I want to do a duplicate of one of the 2 log canoes in Bruingtons book. Traditionally these were working craft and as a working waterman (retired from civil service, 35 years, and have a commercial watermans card and am currently fish potting and netting) I plan to use it the same.
I think building as a stripper is the way to approach this as real logs aren't available. How many layers of strips should I plan on? I'm thinking 3 layers of 3/8 on side and 4 on the bottom. Remember this will be a real working canoe and the scantlings should stand to commercial use. This canoe will be in salt water pretty much all the time unless I have it careened on the beach or trailered for bottom painting and service. I plan to use one of the resourcinol products for the edge gluing and epoxy for fairing and between layers. I am very leery of epoxy and use the precautions but have had good luck with epoxy and resorcinal in my many projects. In this area Tulip Poplar is abundant and I'll use that or Loblolly Pine. I long ago got a belly full of polyester and haven't used any for over 30 years.
I'm sure there are some things I haven't considered and perhaps this fine crowd will point out some of my omissions. Thanks all, from mid bay, P L C