Cell Phones "@#$%^^^&*&**"


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Great Assembly, really really Great...I sold a canoe, I bought a Chestnut Prospector, my life is complete...I couldn't sleep I was so happy about the Chestnut...

I attended some forums that where so "from the heart" about canoeing and life ..really down to earth, sharing stories about bringing old folks on a canoe trip or reading about past friendships in a canoe that brought out the emotions in both presenter and audience...a very special time.

I also attended some presentations that where down right informative, I learned alot.

I also attended a presentaion where I sang along...alot of fun...

But the cell phones going off during presentations was the so disappointing, I felt bad for the person talking and we of the WCHA, it took alot away from the whole experience.

It needs to be addressed.
Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year but I certainly agree. Basic common courtesy: switch to silent (or at the very least, vibrate) when in any situation where respect deserves your attention.