Canvas Filler - How much?


Inquiring Mind
Can I assume that the first layer of canvas filler applied uses more than second, and third coats of it?

As the books say, you have to work it in, so what would the difference be? 80%, 50%?

Has anyone noticed how much is left in their pail after each application? How much total gets used up?

Can one do a 18'-er with a gallon and three coats, or what?

I do have a good reason for asking (which I will share later) and some "real life" examples would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Dennis.

It's been a few years since I re-canvassed a canoe, but I'm pretty sure the first coat used the most, since it had to get soaked and worked deeper into the weave. I'm guessing it took about 3/4 to a full gallon for the first coat. I think I applied at least three coats and I used about a gallon and a half. I applied the filler using a paint roller like you use to paint the walls of your house, then I use canvas mitts my wife made for me from scraps to rub it into the weave. I did one side at a time in about 3 - 4 foot sections at a time and overlapped the finished areas. I watched one of Rollin Thurlow's how-to videos (Building the Atkinson Traveler) that showed how to do this really well before I tried it the first time.

Good Luck!

One gallon is said to be just enough to do a 16' canoe (No. 10 canvas, 3 coats). For the one canoe I have done, I had an almost empty can after 2 coats so I got another can. The 3rd coat used very little filler. If I had to guess numbers, I would say 75%, 20% and 5% of total amount per coat.

Based on that experience I would figure 1.5 gallon for a 18'.

(in Aylmer, QC!)