Canoes at Grand Portage


Birchbark CanoeingBuilder
Dave O & I recently went to the Wooden Boat Show in Grand Marais Minn. at North House Folk School. There were many fine wood canoes on display including two bark canoes built by Erik Simula.
Thirty miles North is the Historical Grand Portage National Monument. There one can view several birchbark canoes including a 36 ft. Great Lakes Canoe and two 24 ft. North Canoes; one built by Erik Simula.:cool:


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Nice post Beaver...My friend at the Amberjesus Lake in Maine makes birchbark canoes and I am printing out these pictures so he can enjoy looking at them.
I went ricing with Eric last fall and on the Sunday of that weekend went back to the fort to process the rice. I got a kick out of seeing his hand made clamps that hold the gunnels in place as you have pictured on the boat in the canoe house.
Nice pics - I heard from others it was a great weekend.