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There's a gathering in Madison, Wis., in early March called Canoecopia. Has anyone attended this? It looks like a trade show with associated presentations. I've never been. For someone with an interest in wood-and-canvas canoes, is this worth the trip?

Norm Sims
Many of us who live within driving distance of Madison have been to Canoecopia... there's always a nice WCHA booth, manned by the Wisconsin Chapter (Great Rivers) and whoever else shows up. Denis and I went a few years ago and had a great time.

Lots of plastic canoes and kayaks, to be sure, but interesting stuff that works for use with wooden canoes, like waterproof neoprene footwear. But mostly it's being with WCHA folks and talking to people who approach the booth, asking questions about the best canoes in the whole place... and hopefully getting them interested in the WCHA.

If you do go to Canoecopia, please stop by the booth and say hi. In addition to what has been mentioned, the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum will also be there with wood canoes, most likely from the Dean Collection (our founders).
It's a big show...Great speakers.....that in itself is worth the price of admission and the drive time.
On a related note, I stopped by the Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale today (also too many plastic, soul-less boats and noisy, carbon-burning playthings).
My intention was to drop off WCHA brochures and free copies of Wooden Canoe Journal. The organizers weren't interested in this enhancement (my opinion) to their show, since I am not a paying exhibitor.
Their loss.

I'm just sayin',... (notice that's the latest over-used phrase?)

So, now I'm off to the 26th annual Wilderness Canoe Symposium in Toronto.

Canoecopia.....Norm, you wouldn't believe how many boats these guys sell in a weekend (a lot more than we ever sold in total). Lots and lots of plastic and a little bit of wood, but it's a pretty good cross-section of what's going on in the industry. There are also a lot of travel/trip-related booths from various areas and usually a full schedule of speakers on all sorts of related topics. Plus, it's Madison. Where else can you see a guy walking around in a full Voyageur's costume...and the realize that he's actually just a left-over hippy from the sixties.

Norm, I did the drive up from Chicago for the day last year, and in my opinion it was great. I sat in on a couple of presentations, got to meet a few WCHA folks in person, and check out the booths. Not much else in the way of W/C sights and sounds (there was a phenomenal handmade paddle guy whose work would look beautiful paired with a wood canoe) but the 6 or so restored canoes from our members, and watching Ferdy working on a birchbark model... made the effort well worth it.
Hi All,

This years theme for Peter & I will be all wood Canadian canoe building methods.

We will have three different examples; You will not want to miss it.

See ya there,