Canoecopia 2014!

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut
The Great Rivers Chapter will be manning a booth at Canoecopia in Madison, WI. March 7th through the 9th.

Not sure yet what will be on display, but you won't want to miss it.

Always a great time to visit with friends and talk Canoes.

See you there,

I'm planning to bring a one time fiberglass encrusted basket case of a St. Louis Merrimec.
Freshly restored...ready for generations of family use!
I will be there all weekend, first time in a few years! Could bring an OTCA that needs a little work, if we need to fill space... lol
Hi All,

I wanted to post information about the selection of canoes in the booth this year.

With the help of my friends at the Blackhawk Chapter of the ACBS we will have some very nice signage to display along with our canoes.

Hope you all have Adobe Reader as they are in the PDF format.

The signs are 2'x3'.

Let me know if you'd like the Power Point file to create your own.

Don't miss the fun,



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Lynn and I booked tickets last night - look out Canoecopia, here we come!

Paul - looking forward to studying your Indian. I've got a cool gig lined up for the summer, and I want to pick your brain about it.

Hi Dan,

Glad to hear you'll be there.

I've attached a few pics of the Indian for a start.



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Just a few days until Canoecopia!

If you haven't been there it's a great time to visit with fellow canoe nuts. There will be some super canoes in the booth as well as constant conversation with good friends.

I'm posting some pics of my Dey Brothers that I've just finished for the show.

Look forward to see you in Madison,



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Another Canoecopia come & gone... was great to see & meet folks... lots of people came through the booth; Jerry Karbon, Dave Osborn, Peter Mueller, & Paul Miller had the canoe display covered incredibly well (again); lots of folks "worked the booth" to try to bring in new members, and show off what we do; Ferdy Goode & I made an absolute mess of the place with wood shavings, and a good time was had by all. MANY THANKS to the Borretts, for once again graciously hosting the (maybe not exactly official) Sat PM WCHA Midwest Regional Meeting aka party! Hopefully Dan Miller has plenty of pictures, and maybe a tale or two, to take up space in the Journal... :)
No pics in a follow up yet so I thought I'd post the one picture I took.

We did sign up six new members and one renewal and expect to see some online enrollments in the days to come as we couldn't take charge cards. The majority of those were from Peter's initiatives.(he began to tell everyone we were there for a Membership Drive). Two of the new members signed up for 2 years. A few of those new members were young people that are most important to the life of any organization.

We answered a lot of questions and directed people to the website and to search for members in their area that might be able to provide some one-on-one assistance. One of those new members was happy to find he lives less than 10 miles from me. He looked at my green Indian and said "I want mine to look like that!"

The picture shows our booth on the first day. We found people passing the booth but not always wandering into the booth. Peter moved the table back and had Paul K. carving paddles in front of the booth and things changed. Peter also came up with the idea of putting our enrollment forms on clip boards with pens. The enrollment forms had been just in the midst of all the other items on the table and did not draw any attention. Those of you working shows in the future might keep some of those ideas in mind. Especially in this year of the membership drive.

Dan was there and took many pictures so I hope to see more of them posted here




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