Canoe Stripped


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I finally have my canoe stripped.
It has a couple of cracked ribs and one broken one.
Can they be repaired or must they be replaced.
If I replace them how can I match them to the color of the old ones?
Thank You!




you'll get a pile of reponses and some might even be the same, but if it was me the one thats broken in two places should come out for sure, but some of the others that show cracks but dont look broken right through could stay in if they are solid and there is no deformation of the hull. I have left several like these in place with no ill effect, and it saves putting in a shiny new rib that looks out of place. It will depend on what shape the rib is in, but if they are starting to make funny angles and are no longer fair and round due to being broken right through they should come out. it looks like that spot took a hit, since the planking is broken as well and there is another cracked rib next to it. An alternative to replacement is to do a backside repair if its cracked but still solid and fair, do a search on the forum for this technique.