Canoe seat caning hole patterns

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
I learned to cane canoe seats with an odd number of holes down each side of the seat. The two sets I am refurbishing both have even numbers. The pattern worked out symmetrically and the diamonds look fine. So, why have I been told numerous times there needs to be an odd number of holes?
BTW I have several other new seat frames that I have not yet drilled.
Not sure why someone would tell you the number has to be even or odd. It doesn't matter whether it is an odd or even number as long as the number of holes are the same on each side.
Rob, I too, had been told that there should be an odd number of holes in each seat side. I've caned odd numbered, even numbered , trapezoidal, and rounded front chair seats and have no idea why there should be an odd number of holes. But then, I don't even know how vinegar can neutralize oxalic acid.