Caning Patterns

Several of the old companies used this "canoe weave" or diamond pattern. It's original to our Detroit canoes and also Penn Yan... but some of the other companies used seven-step. There seems to be a bit more *spring* in a canoe-weave seat.
I think the "Canoe Weave" is the standard 7 step process. It may also reference the "Diamond Pattern", a 6 step weave with 2 horizontals, 2 verticles, and 2 diagonals.
Yes, the "canoe weave" I've referred to skips a step (it's the 6-step "diamond" pattern), making the seat a bit more flexible and taking less time to do, which was probably another reason it was used on canoes: the builders jobbed this part of the process out.
Doubled up Canoe weave

I tried this pattern on a couple of seats. It is a variation of the canoe weave, where the horizontals, verticals, and diagonals are all doubled up.


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