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Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Rib tip replacement. Why does it have to look so good after all?
Oh well, only 101 to go....:(


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So what did you do to them? Fill with epoxy and sand 'em or just cut them shorter?:confused:

BTW, I like the way you keep your work space neat, clean and orderly, just like me!
Tips were rotted, lowered the new rails, now I've lopped the tops off and am going to epoxy on an inch of new rib and sand down when the outers go on.
I once read that you should judge a craftsman by his work, not the cleanliness of their shop. I'd rather not be judged on either, but the carhole prevents me from organizing and sorting. Just as well, I should spend more time on the water and less on the tools.
If you have time I'd like to see some pictures of the process. All I've ever had to do before was squirt Zap-a-Gap or Git Rot in the tips, but the one I'm working on now has some really manky bits that are going to take more than that. I'm considering just lowering the rails an inch, but don't know if I want to give up that free-board or not.

I know I don't want to splice new tips on all the ribs! I'd rather wear Fiberglas underwear!
I'll shoot some more pics, these arent true splices in the sence of angled, scarphed pieces. I've had boats with these that extend below the rails, this one was able to have the ribs refastened, but the tips were so fugly that I'm just sticking on 1/2" or so to cap the top of the ribs. Ironically they are solid and sand nicely about half way down the gunwale, but I didnt want to lose more than an inch of freeboard. Doubt you'd miss the inch of height either way.