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Can anyone take a guess on who made this canoe/ it is 11'9" long. Inside keelson. The decks are missing. It may have had a sail post.


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Pictures of this canoe were posted previously and I don't think it was identified. I'll try to find the post. I recall the interesting features-- are you the new owner?

Same owner. Sorry for the double post. Trying to figure out the decks, which are missing. Not sure what to do with it. Not sure I would ever use it, if I tried to refinish.
Hi, if you are in the Mich area you might think it is a Baker. Brian Baker (and his dad)_made canoes with keelsons. Also, I seem to recall that the old pop mech type magazines may have published some one-off plans that included keelsons.
The keelson may have been an add on but I did not get the photos to open for me so I did not get a good look.
Dave W.,
The canoe is located in Wisconsin. The one-off or kit canoe thought ocurred to me as well. There is something funky with the deck/stem area.....?
I was able to open the photos today. I'm going to guess it is NOT a Baker. I think it's one of a kind. perhaps someone will recognize it as a kit or plan boat from an early magazine.