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One of the guys at my local diner got wind of me starting to build a stripper and he sat down and made a list of over 600 possible names for my canoe. It is influenced by the Ozarks, USMC and other personal facts about myself but some are really unique. The list attached was an Excel file but now is a Word file...
OK, I'm trying it again as Canoe Names.xls...
Nope, .xls seems to break up... I'll try .doc and .txt to see what they do...
The .txt seems to work OK but it's not formated correctly coming from excel...
I will try to load the .doc file next...
The .doc file is too large to upload so using the .txt will be the bests choice....


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I'd like to see it. Apparently the attachment didn't come through.
Can you post it as text?

Someone else spent the time to dream up 600 canoe names for you???

Wonder how many strips couold have been put on in that time. :)

But, that are you building?

You may have noticed that the "Valid file extensions" for attachments in these forums are "bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt zip" with no mention of xls or other spreadsheet formats. A text file (.txt) should work fine.

I just added .XLS file extensions, so you should be able to attach excel files now.

Give it a try!

Canoe Names Excel File...

If anyone wants to see the listing as the original excel file, send me your email address and I will forward it to you as an attachment so you can load it into Excel and see the proper formatting with the alphabetical headings. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused... :mad:
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The Excel spreadsheet that Joe "Woodchuck" Gledhill sent is attached. A text version is also attached but my browser has some trouble opening it directly.



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Canoe names


Forget the 600 canoe names. Cleaverly name your canoe after your wife! No wife? Name the canoe and look for an appropriately named future wife.

You Forgot a few...

In my family there is "Big Red", "Sweetness", "The Old Guide", and "Shorty" . The rest are still in the shop... :D
Yours are now published...

Fitz... I updated the .xls file to include your names so you are now published. I re-uploaded the file in my orginal thread and it works fine but I did notice that in either Nelson's or Tim's reply to my thread where they had copies of the files, these changes are not reflected... I don't know an easy way to update the file but maybe if the other files were deleted and only the original .xls remained, this would be the way to go. I would like to have others that want to add their names to the list to be able to do so. I don't mind adding them and re-uploading so if others read and have more names, send me a note and I will add them...
CYA, Joe
Hey Chuck- how many canoes do you think you can name after the "average" wife (not that any are just average) before she begins to catch on? :rolleyes:
Wife problems...

Chuck, I will stick to basic canoe names as my ex dumped me after 30 years for a mega-millionaire about 15 years ago but what she did not realize is that I can now paddle my butt on any lake, river, pond, creek, canal or bayou that I want to and she can no longer do or say anything about it... As for looking for a name for a future wife, you've got to be kidding... CYA, Joe