Canoe make and model ?


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I purchased this canoe recently and have yet to identify it. I am currently in Maine where it was aquired, but have not been able to identify its make or date. I was able to rule out Old Town with help from the small boat shop in Denmark ME. but there are no numbers or markings on the canoe. If anyone out there can give me some insight into this canoe's history I would be greatly appreciated. I plan on restoring it next summer myself. The canoe is 15 feet in length. i was told that the canoe was old and possibly came from NJ or MA. Not sure? The canoe was canvased, but in bad shape I removed it hoping to help identify it. Possibly a Charles River?

Thanks Jake
Attached Thumbnails (under miscelaneous thread if not showing up here please take a look I realy want to know)

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