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I recently received a canoe (in bad shape) but perhaps salvageable with serial # 09186 followed after some space by the number 17 (length of canoe?) after it. It is on both ends of the canoe on the interior. On one end the initials HAR are burned into the wood between the numbering. I would like to try to repair if I can find info about it? Any help would be appreciated.
Frank Friguglietti
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Hi Frank,

If you can attach some pictures, we may be able to identify your canoe. It seems to have a serial number in the places where Old Town canoes have serial numbers, but Old Town didn't begin any s/n series with a zero... you may want to double check that (at both ends). If it's an Old Town or Carleton or Kennebec, volunteers here can provide you with the original build information. In the case of canoes by other builders, you've found the best place for figuring out what you have.