Canoe identity


Chest Nut
Anyone care to guess the type of canoe in the below pics?

It is said to be 16' long but with the number of thwarts I'm thinking maybe 17. Don't know any other spec. Ribs do not look to be tapered.



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Appears to be a Canadian brand (but you probably have already figured this out)... but that does little but narrow down the possible country of origin! You may want to poke around the Canadian-type-canoes at

Somebody else here will possibly jump in and say they have one like it, and what it is exactly!

Looks like a nice canoe.

The seats, thwarts and decks all look similar to the picture of the canoe attached.

This one is claimed to be built off of a Chestnut mold.

Someone had told me that some of the Chestnut molds went to a native reserve in the Northern part of the province (New Brunswick). I suspect that this might be one of their products.



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