Canoe Identification

Jeff Schwab

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Hi, I'm in the process of restoring an old Canadian canoe and I'd like some help identifying exactly what it is. I suspect from the remnants of a decal on the bow in photo 2 that it is made by the Canadian Canoe Company. Below are a couple of pictures of the canoe. The serial # looks like a 7728 but I am not sure. I may get a better read when I clean the stem. The seats are solid as shown in the 3rd pic, could they be original. They match the decks in color and wood.

Thanks in advance, Jeff
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More Pics?

Jeff: I'm sure a bunch of folks here are anxious to help you out, but do you have some more photos? All I can seem to find is one of a fuzzy serial number and one of a piece of the deck. You can also attach photos to your post as long as they are below 1 MG. Use the "Manage Attachments" button when you compose a post/reply to thread.

Serial numbers for Canadian canoes offer a little information but not much. Unlike Old Town, records for individual Canadian canoes did not survive.

Good luck with your project.

Canadian Canoe

Hi Fitz, thanks for the help. I have loaded a few new pictures, I will take and load some more in the coming week. Thanks again Jeff
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