Canoe ID help

Jack Baier

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I've been looking at a canoe, no id but a S/N CL243, 16' rounded decks, keel.woven seats. Any help would be appreciated. JB
Penn Yan?

Go to that site and click on Penn Yan on the left-hand side. Your canoe could be the Hunter model, although it seems the Hunter is a 15 footer.

If this doesn't appear to be your boat, we'll need to see pictures. If you have a way to get pictures into your computer, they can be posted by scrolling down to the box below this one and clicking on "manage attachments"... you'll get a browse box.

Prior to the computer age, people would sent photos to the WCHA historian or the head of the nearest chapter. If anyone wants to send pictures to me, I can scan them and post for All to see.

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