Canoe forms & canoes available from Miller Canoes

Alex Guthro

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I received an email from Jim Miller, the Executor of Bill Miller's estate asking if anyone would be interested in the forms and canoes in Bill's shop. Below is the body of that message and contact information of the Executor if you are interested in any of the items.

" I found your listing on the WCHA web site. I am writing to ascertain if your or your members may have any interests in canoes or molds from Miller Canoes, based in Nictau, New Brunswick. Bill was my brother and he passed away last year. I am his executor.

We have a total of six canoe molds ranging from 11 feet to 20 feet. The larger 20 foot mold was used to create the larger, up to 26 foot versions of the freighter canoes and the Vee ster to allow an outboard motor. All the molds are in good condition and stored indoors.

There are a number of canoes as well, of various sizes and conditions. Bill had a tendency to "collect".

Feel free to pass this information along to your associates. I can be contacted at or home # 709-229-3334 or cell 709-727-1736 "

In 2014 the Globe and Mail published an article on Bill and Miller canoes. That article can be found here.