canoe canopy


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I am restoring a Robertson canoe with canopy attachments. I have located a brand new set of canopy supports with bracketts made by Baker metal specialties Boston, Mass. What I need is photos or other info about the bug screen used with these and also other coverings cloth, etc. and how they may have been attached to the supports and canoe......thanks...biff
Greetings, looked up the company you mentioned, can't seem to locate it. Do you still have the contact information to obtain brackets. Thanks, Ray.
Ditto on the contact info. I am getting a couple of courting canoes, and it would be nice to have the canopy brackets.


I think Biff is using "brand new" to describe old stock that hasn't been used. The Baker Specialty company made the hardware for canoe canopies long, long ago. I'm sure they haven't been in business in quite a few decades, but they did make the canopy hardware that is often found on courting canoes.